Over the last few weeks I have had several requests for personalised quilts for babies (some already born and some pending).

I thought it would be nice to share some progress shots and talk about what I am doing with these quilts.

This first quilt is for Isobel. She is about to have her second child –  a little girl due in a few weeks time.

This is the colour scheme. There are 9 fabrics.
Using the owls from the border print I created 3 owls shapes to embroider on some of the blocks.
I used some cardboard to make a viewing window to ensure the owl embroideries fit inside each block.
DMC embroidery threads in 3845, 5200, 703, 917, 414 and 791
My nice little stack of pellon squares to back each of the embroideries.
Using the viewing frame to make sure the owl is centred when tracing the design onto the block using a light box.
Blue washable marking pen
Pellon backing.
Pin the corners to secure while you are stitching.
Backstitch using 3 strands of thread.
Finished embroidery.

As the quilt progresses I will take more photos.

A quiet goodbye

I would like to say  farewell to my great aunt Mary who passed away yesterday afternoon.

Known as Aunty Mary she and my great uncle Basil (who passed away 14 years ago) lived on the South Coast. My favourite childhood memories of travels down the coast always included a visit to see them. Uncle Basil would give my sister and I a few dollars out of the coin jar and Aunty Mary would have a table full of baked goods for us like lamingtons and carrot cake. Their garden was always a wonderful place packed full of veggies and flowers. I remember as a small child feeling that they both were incredibly old as only a small child’s perspective can see people older than their parents.


The shop will be closed for one day this coming week so we can say goodbye to Aunty. Day to be advised.

The store will be closed on Tuesday the 20th December.

New Products

I love when new stuff arrives.

I’ll let the pictures do the talking.


1. Ant Maze (Aqua)




2. Ant Maze (Grey)


3. Backyard Party (Grey)

4. Backyard Party (White)



5. Birch Forest (Aqua)

6. Fun in the Vines (Green)


7. Bug Jars (Grey)

8. Bug Jars (Green)


9. Lots a Dots (White)

10. Samaras (White)


11. Snakeskin (Aqua)

12. Snakeskin (Grey)


13. Snakeskin (Green)

14. Snakeskin (Orange)


15. Windy Day (Aqua)











If you would like to order any of the above fabrics please email, ring 02 4325 2638 or come and see me in store. Just quote the number of the fabric and the quantity you would like to order. Remember we close at 4pm on the 22nd of December so all orders need to be in by midnight of the 17th of December so I have time to process them and get them into the post before we close for the festive season.

Happy Quilting!




On Saturday Frankenstein’s will be at the Wagstaffe Very Long Lunch/Market Day.

I will be selling fat quarters, fabric by the metre, gift wrapped fat quarter bundles, haberdashery, gift vouchers and taking bookings for classes for 2012.

If you are in the Pretty beach area this weekend make sure you stop by the market. The other stallholders and I will be in Turo Park, and then when the market is finished at 3pm the night continues down at the Wharf with music until 11pm.

Hope to see you there.



Babies, babies, babies

There has got to be something in the air at the moment.

In the last week I have been inundated with orders for baby quilts, a  friend this morning announced she was pregnant and my sister and her boyfriend announced their engagement. Talk about news!

So this week is a hectic one in the lead up to the market at Wagstaffe (remember the shop will be closed on Saturday) as well as starting to organise the designs for the baby quilt orders. One colour scheme below –


The Christmas fabric sale is still on – and if you would like to subscribe to the Frankenstein’s Fabrics newsletter click here, (it will take you to the sale info and to subscribe)

There are some fabulous things arriving in the new year – I have had reps in the shop last week with the new things from the trade show in Melbourne. It was exciting stuff and I can’t wait till it arrives.

I’m in the middle of making several long overdue quilts (one belated birthday present from September and a lap quilt  for my friend Jen).

This time of year is very chaotic – with Christmas parties, birthdays, holidays and New Year’s. Even though we all have busy schedules, take some time to slow down and enjoy the time with family and friends. There’s no point rushing around making sure everyone else is having a good time if you are not. Take time to look after yourselves – even if it means sneaking away for a few hours to do some craft shopping, sewing or sleeping.

I’m here in the shop until 4pm on the 22nd of December if anyone needs any fabrics, wadding or just some advice.

Dad and I are going fishing over the break. 🙂

Happy Quilting





Random sewing day

When I got into the shop this morning, I wasn’t in a patchworky mood. So I decided that I would make some clothes.

Now I used to do dressmaking back in my high school days and I did do some odd clothes sewing in between jobs, and those costumes a few years back but nothing since.

So with some hesitation I opened up the pattern, cut out the pieces I need and selected the fabrics.

Everything went fine until about step 4. And chaos ensued.

And you really don’t want to hear my expletives, so to cut a long story short the dress is nearly done.

I have waged war on commercial dress patterns for years and usually just end up doing what I think it should say. This gives me results whereas following the pattern gives me a headache. I think that’s why I design my own quilts… I have to admit I have never made a quilt from someone’s pattern. I mean I may follow sections – you know follow the instructions of a particular block or something like that but never the entire thing.

This is a small dress to get the dressmaking neurones firing in my brain after so long. Its a size 4 dress.










I’m going to try my hand at a few other patterns, maybe even draft a few of my own and see what I come up with. I really want to get back into dressmaking and make myself some clothes. I am sick of not being able to find things I want at the shops or if I do they are never in my size. 🙁

Speaking of dressmaking – I am having interviews with teachers early next year for new classes. It’s very exciting – I’ll get to meet all these creative and talented people and get to see and showcase their classes in my shop. I can’t wait. 🙂






Two weeks notice

I have been invited to attend a market/festival on the 10th of December. This is a Saturday – normally the shop is open on a Saturday but because this is the last market/festival for this venue and in an area I have yet to advertise I am taking this opportunity. So the shop will be closed on the 10th of December 2011, mail orders are still accepted via email and etsy

If you are in the Pretty Beach area come and see me at The Wharf at Wagstaffe Very Long Lunch Market Day.

9am – 2pm – Market at Turo Park, Pretty Beach

3pm – 11pm – The Wharf at Wagstaffe Very Long Lunch with 5 Sensational Musical Artists

Market Day

Yesterday was the Handmade Craft Market at Erina High School.

I’ve done this market before when I was selling my handmade jewellery, kids stuff and some quilts but this market I attended as Frankenstein’s.

The enthusiasm of the customers was incredible – everyone was happy (part from the heat) buying Christmas gifts for friends and family and enjoying the music and sculptures that were dotted around the school.

I had an excellent day meeting and greeting. I handed out lots of flyers letting people know where I was located and what I am doing. Your well wishes and advice were very much welcome and appreciated, and its lovely to see that patchwork and quilting is thriving up here on the Central Coast.

Next year the market is moving to Terrigal. This is an exciting move as the market will have more parking, which means more customers and also because its a bigger venue – more stallholders. I will be there next year – check out the Handmade Craft Market’s website for more info as it gets closer to the date.

I am working on beading today so I’d better get back to it.

Happy Quilting




Runner ragged

Wednesday is a quiet day in the shop. It’s a quiet day pretty much in this whole industrial area. The weather is not helping either. We had a nice cool change come through this morning and now it is decidedly chilly, with thunderous looking storm clouds hanging ominously overhead.

So I decided that today was table runner day. I’ve organised a quick Christmas table runner from the lovely Isabelle range by Anna Griffin. This will be a last minute class for those looking to add some festive cheer to the table or even those looking for a nice easy handmade gift. Once I’ve finished it I will put details up on the class page. Sneak peek below.

I love black Christmas fabrics. I know that it’s not traditional but I like the black because I think it gives it a classier look than just red and green. There is also a really nice icy blue in this range so for the classes there will be plenty of options.

Australian Country Craft & Decorating magazine commissioned a project from me yesterday. A bed runner. So I’ve been sketching out some ideas and have the perfect fabrics for it. I’ve always liked bed runners, they just add that little something extra to a room. I’m trying hard with this as it is not in my usual colour scheme. There will be a bit of foundation piecing in this as well as a few 3 dimensional bits.

I’m starting to get really excited about this Sunday’s market. Even though I’ve done this market before (as my hobby) this market will be the first one as Frankenstein’s. It’s the Christmas market and is always full of people looking to buy handmade goodies for their Christmas shopping. I’ve made friends with a few of the other stall holders and we have such a great time together. We’re a like minded bunch. 🙂

I’m also doing some of my other job today – editing beading projects. I love being the editor, I get to see all the fabulous creations that people are making. It’s very inspiring and I know it has helped me improve my skills not only as a beader but also as an editor. It is really interesting seeing how people approach a project. Some people give volumes of detail, labels and drawings to help the instructions while others write lots of text to convey their notes. Both work equally well because some people learn from text and others from images. As editor I combine both, adding bits here and there, taking out some pieces, making it flow and keeping it in such a way that no project is too intimidating to a reader, whilst still keeping the accuracy and integrity of the original designer’s vision. I love my job which is why I kept doing it after I left the publishing industry and opened Frankenstein’s. I love to be busy. Am I mad? Probably but I would much rather be busy than bored.

Anyways back to the machine.

Happy quilting,





Chaos, technology and heat exhaustion.

This past week has been epic in many ways.

Firstly it got hot. A sudden upward spike in the heat and it was all over for me. I don’t cope well in the heat, my thermostat is busted and always has been. I can usually be found in the dead of winter in a singlet top and shorts. I’m mad but it’s fine.

Secondly I spent the week with not only a heat headache but a technology stress headache. I struggled to comprehend websites and coding and resizing photos to no avail. I have never made any claim to being technically minded so I have no issues proclaiming my stupidity in this circumstance. So I pretty much gave up on a website for the time being and have set up an etsy store to get things going.

Thirdly I came home to this –  

My poor baby was so hot. He found what seemed to be the coolest spot in the house and passed out. I really don’t blame him one bit. He’s wearing a fur coat full time.


Anyways back to the shop….

I’ve been setting up bits and pieces along with the etsy store. Getting class projects stitched and notes written up. I’ve also got the Handmade Craft Market at Erina High School this Sunday so I am getting ready for that as well.

Dad’s been setting up some more signage for the shop, spray painting sheets of steel in a fabulously nuclear lime green. We need more signage as there is still some confusion with the address. There are 3 addresses for the shop because it is on a peaked road, both ending in cul de sacs. I have basically an address for each of the 3 doors that are in the shop. If you do intend on coming to the shop please use 2 Birru Road, unless you can’t find parking, then you need to go around the back, park, and then walk around to the front door.

It’s been really hot in the shop as I am still struggling to find a suitable air conditioner. I’m stuck between choosing because I need to make sure I get the right size aircon, for the space of the shop, and also finding a qualified technician to install it. So dad and I have been drinking plenty of this…

Anyways, I’d better get back to my note writing for some more instructions.

Happy quilting,