Chaos, technology and heat exhaustion.

This past week has been epic in many ways.

Firstly it got hot. A sudden upward spike in the heat and it was all over for me. I don’t cope well in the heat, my thermostat is busted and always has been. I can usually be found in the dead of winter in a singlet top and shorts. I’m mad but it’s fine.

Secondly I spent the week with not only a heat headache but a technology stress headache. I struggled to comprehend websites and coding and resizing photos to no avail. I have never made any claim to being technically minded so I have no issues proclaiming my stupidity in this circumstance. So I pretty much gave up on a website for the time being and have set up an etsy store to get things going.

Thirdly I came home to this –  

My poor baby was so hot. He found what seemed to be the coolest spot in the house and passed out. I really don’t blame him one bit. He’s wearing a fur coat full time.


Anyways back to the shop….

I’ve been setting up bits and pieces along with the etsy store. Getting class projects stitched and notes written up. I’ve also got the Handmade Craft Market at Erina High School this Sunday so I am getting ready for that as well.

Dad’s been setting up some more signage for the shop, spray painting sheets of steel in a fabulously nuclear lime green. We need more signage as there is still some confusion with the address. There are 3 addresses for the shop because it is on a peaked road, both ending in cul de sacs. I have basically an address for each of the 3 doors that are in the shop. If you do intend on coming to the shop please use 2 Birru Road, unless you can’t find parking, then you need to go around the back, park, and then walk around to the front door.

It’s been really hot in the shop as I am still struggling to find a suitable air conditioner. I’m stuck between choosing because I need to make sure I get the right size aircon, for the space of the shop, and also finding a qualified technician to install it. So dad and I have been drinking plenty of this…

Anyways, I’d better get back to my note writing for some more instructions.

Happy quilting,