Custom Quilts

Custom quilts are currently CLOSED until further notice. I am still accepting queries at this time and any interested parties will go on a waiting list. Thank you!

If you would like to order a custom made quilt please send me an email ( with the following details so I can provide you with an obligation free quote.

A more accurate reflection of your quilt’s end cost will be provided if you request a quote.

  • Size – whether this quilt is going on a bed and requires drape or is just a lap quilt for the lounge I need this very important detail. If the quilt is going on a bed I need the size of the mattress (height, width, length) and how far down the side you want it to hang.
  • Colours – if you want a quilt to match the rest of your decor please email or mail paint cards, fabric swatches, photos etc of the colours you want me to match.
  • Theme – same as colour, send me what has inspired you, tell me if you want country, vintage, brights, pastels or novelty so I can design your quilt.
  • Budget – if you have a limited budget I can work with you. We can discuss lay-by and payment options. There is an upfront cost of 50% of the total price of the quilt. This is to ensure that I can source the materials to get started.
  • Timeframe – if you need your quilt by a certain date (weddings, birthdays, Christmas etc) I need to know so I can allow sufficient time for creating the quilt.
  • Fabrics – if you have fabrics in your collection that you want me to use this will significantly reduce the cost of your quilt. You can also tell me your likes and dislikes of print or design – you love flowers and hate stripes etc.
  • Design – do you have a preference for squares or triangles? Tell me what layout you would like on your quilt.

When you are providing me with this information for the design of your quilt I will also need your postcode so if there is shipping involved that can be added into the details of the quote. I will also need your contact details (phone number and email) so I can send you any JPGs of the designs, or discuss any element of the quilt with you.

After you contact me with the information for your quilt you will receive a quote within 10 working days.

A quote is valid for 1 month from the date listed on the quote. If you choose to take up the quote within that month then the 50% non-refundable deposit must be paid before the quote expires.

If you choose to take up the quote after its expiry a new quote will be provided – this is to allow any changes that may occur (new postage costs for example).

If you choose at any stage through the custom quilt process to not go through with it, then the deposit is retained by Frankenstein’s Fabrics, covering the costs to that stage, any difference between the costs and deposit at the point of cancellation will be refunded.



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