Babies, babies, babies

There has got to be something in the air at the moment.

In the last week I have been inundated with orders for baby quilts, a  friend this morning announced she was pregnant and my sister and her boyfriend announced their engagement. Talk about news!

So this week is a hectic one in the lead up to the market at Wagstaffe (remember the shop will be closed on Saturday) as well as starting to organise the designs for the baby quilt orders. One colour scheme below –


The Christmas fabric sale is still on – and if you would like to subscribe to the Frankenstein’s Fabrics newsletter click here, (it will take you to the sale info and to subscribe)

There are some fabulous things arriving in the new year – I have had reps in the shop last week with the new things from the trade show in Melbourne. It was exciting stuff and I can’t wait till it arrives.

I’m in the middle of making several long overdue quilts (one belated birthday present from September and a lap quilt  for my friend Jen).

This time of year is very chaotic – with Christmas parties, birthdays, holidays and New Year’s. Even though we all have busy schedules, take some time to slow down and enjoy the time with family and friends. There’s no point rushing around making sure everyone else is having a good time if you are not. Take time to look after yourselves – even if it means sneaking away for a few hours to do some craft shopping, sewing or sleeping.

I’m here in the shop until 4pm on the 22nd of December if anyone needs any fabrics, wadding or just some advice.

Dad and I are going fishing over the break. 🙂

Happy Quilting