MAM – Community Quilt Project Update 2


Good morning!

We’ve had some wet weather around the coast these last few days – it’s my favourite type of weather, perfect to stay inside, warm and cosy and get some sewing done. Unfortunately it is the same kind of weather that does trigger my migraine so sometimes it’s rest time too.

I’m here this morning to update you all on what’s happening with the CQP – blocks have started to return to me and the best way I can describe what is represented is that it gives me goosebumps how powerful these blocks are. The whole quilt is going to be so emotive and visually  impactful. I can’t wait to see it finished.

Signs ups are still open and will remain open until block numbers hit what we need.

If you are interested but have any questions before signing up please send me an email.

Happy sewing!

Marni x



MAM2024 – Community Quilt Project


Today I have the first update for the MAM2024 CQP.

Last weekend I went and collected the donations from Officeworks at West Gosford. The team there generously donated envelopes and stamps to get us started on shipping out the fabric squares along with a donation for printing for the instructions that are in the packs.

I bundled up the first batch of signups and they all went into the post on Wednesday. Mixed locations so envelopes should arrive within 5-10days.

This weekend was the first Zoom session. This session was to work out where people were at with their ideas, what methods they could use and what skill levels everyone is at. Future Zooms will be helping people step-by-step with different techniques and general help sessions.

We had a really good discussion about images we can use and talked about products that were suitable for those ideas. The key was visual impact – we need to explain our lived experience of migraine in relatable ways to those who don’t know what it’s like. Universal experience is the phrase I like to use – something that we all know what it feels like – like an exposed nerve in a tooth for example – to relate to a symptom or pain sensation of migraine.

Unfortunately, many of the images we discussed are violent in nature – things erupting, burning, and hitting us like icepicks. It’s not pleasant but it is what it is.

We also discussed copyrighted images, signing our work and the do’s and don’t for the blocks.

I’ve done a test block of my migraine pain. I’m going to tweak it a bit because I want to move the machine embroidery a bit higher but overall I am happy with how it turned out. I’m keeping my test block for myself – I want to have it on hand when I next see my neurologist and my GP. Like I said visual impact.

I hope you’re having a pain free day out there and can get some sewing done.

Stay tuned for more updates on this quilt process.

Marni x

Migraine Awareness Month – Community Quilt Project

June is Migraine Awareness Month.

As many of you know migraine is a big part of my life. It has been for the past 14 years (and counting). I have spent a lot of time and a lot of money on managing my migraine. Trying to learn all I can about it, why my symptoms are the way they are and how medications can help or hinder as the case may be.

It’s not a fun process and there are more of us than you’d think.

In fact when you start to look at the stats it’s quite a daunting sight. Approximately 5 million Australians live with migraine and there is suspicion that there is far more than that estimate. Stigma, debilitating symptoms, struggling to advocate for yourself and being put through the wringer of medical situations all make you want to hide away from the world. I know I’ve had my low moments, and the frustration of trying to explain to someone who has no idea of what it’s like, and repeating yourself so many times over… It’s too much and not enough all at the same time.

This year I decided to take on a more active role in the migraine community and so I signed up as a volunteer with Migraine Australia and I became part of the Advisory Committee, a group that is made up of the sickest of the sick, the unusual (me) and at least one representative of each type of migraine. Along with that I am organising the Community Quilt Project, my favourite pastime rolled into volunteer work!


This is all kicking off on the 1st of June. I will be sending out a pack to everyone who signs up to make a block for the quilt – the only criteria is that you have migraine – you don’t have to be a member or volunteer. There are instructions in the pack along with your base fabric square. I’ll also be running some Zoom sessions for those who aren’t of the creative mindset, anyone who needs help and those who need step-by-step guidance. Dates for these to be advised. The packs will be sent out in batches as sign ups get to certain amounts to reduce my running back and forth to the post office.

Sign up here —->

We are asking anyone who makes a block to create what their migraine story is for them – imagery and symbolism, literal, abstract or emotive. We want to see what you feel, your perspective and once you’ve made your block – following the instructions in the pack, they’ll get sent back to me to assemble into a large quilt. Once it’s all done we will be organising a handover ceremony to present it to Canberra in an effort to draw attention to the needs of the migraine community.

Our theme is “Stronger Together” which is the most perfect tie in to quilting and the idea of a quilt being made up of smaller individual pieces. Quilting and sewing has saved my mental health many times over the years and I do not know where I’d be without it. Our hobbies are so valuable as an outlet but also as a distraction. I know when I’m in a bad way, pain and burning taking over my brain, that a monotonous task that I can do for a quilt project is the best at keeping my hands busy and my mind occupied when I just can’t be in bed any longer.

I will be documenting the process here on my blog along with all the MA socials so make sure you stay tuned to see what we get up to.

I’d loved to have you join us if you live with migraine, but if you don’t and you know someone else who does please share this initiative with them. Who knows you might just give them the gift of a new hobby and some new friends.

There are also lots of other exciting things happening this month to raise awareness – activities that are free to join in with on socials and if you feel so inclined places for you to donate to help us behind the scenes.

To read more:
To donate to the quilt project:
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M x