Year of the Challenge

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and following many people on Facebook who have been participating in challenges of various kinds.

There is the photo a day for a month, weekly themed blog posts and postal challenges run by bloggers from all over the world.

This challenge movement is fascinating to watch. The volume of participants, the interpretations of the themes and the consistency that people accomplish.

Most of us wouldn’t stick out something that went for a month – for example exercise. I for one am readily willing to admit I cannot stick to exercise or diets. I hate the rules of both. They feel restrictive and claustrophobic. But for some reason these ‘creative’ challenges are appealing to the masses and we all follow suit – and stick to it.

The photograph a day is an interesting one – people get a list of the month’s themes and each day take a photo of that theme and upload it to Facebook or Tumblr or wherever they are displaying their images. I am fascinated by the concept of the photo challenge as it appeals to the instantaneous nature of the world we love in. Everything is quick, we want it now and we tell everyone about it as soon as it happens via our choice of social media. Watching a couple of FB friends in this challenge I am struck by the differences in their interpretations of the daily themes. All at various stages in their lives, all creative women in their own right.

Today’s theme was red. A dramatic, strong, rich colour. I waited to see what these ladies took photos of. A stunning array of red glass, the last flowers on a bottlebrush.

I think if this photo challenge continues I will take it up next month. I find photography a very truthful medium. Capturing things you don’t see with your eyes or your heart.

But in the meantime I think I will set a challenge myself. I was thinking of things that would give a set – like numbers 1-10 or the alphabet. I wanted it to be creative – so was thinking of a challenge where we had to make things. Something small that had the numbers in it – like a necklace with one really amazing focal bead, and matching pair of earrings for two etc… A small quilt with four pieces. A bag with three pockets.

I need to nut it out a bit more but if anyone would like to join me just send me an email.

I’m off to be early tonight (first night this week!) as I am off to the show in the morning. I have a 2 hour train ride from Gosford to Rosehill and need to get up early…. 🙁 not exactly a morning person….