I love the word. I love what it means, and I love how we use it in everyday language.

I like to think that my life is a mix of random and planned acts. That I have some semblance of control but that I am also at the mercy of whim and fate, destiny and luck.

I have a few friends who bounce through life happy to go along for the ride. They have plans for their lives – but they are vague notions for the future. Personally, I think that was okay 5-7 years ago but as we are all heading towards our late 20s and the big 3-0 maybe some plans would be a good idea.

I plan. A lot. I write frantic lists of things to do everyday because I am always forgetting things. Even if it’s a little thing like my phone or my camera charger. I’m good on big things but it’s the little things that make life easier that I forget on a regular basis. I am getting better at remembering mainly because I am more organised and much more disciplined than I was as a teenager.

Hence why I plan quilts, but also allow the randomness to play its part.

I don’t like to force a design. For me that means following someone’s rules (fabric choice or patterns), but at the same time I like to be guided by something (fabric choice or pattern). My custom quilts are that wire balancing act between me as a designer and what the customer wants.

When you come in to talk to me about a custom quilt there are a few things I need to know –

a) colour – much easier if you have a sample of what you want rather than try to describe it to me

b) size – this means I can work backwards from the finished quilt size and tailor my design into the measurements.

c) the no’s – this is anything you don’t want in the quilt – be it a particular colour or shape, something that may have certain bad memories, that kind of thing

d) budget – there is no point in me designing a specific quilt for you if you can’t afford it.

e) timeframe – this gives me a deadline, whether it be the birth of a baby, a change in season or the arrival of a long lost friend from overseas. I need to know dates. I have to juggle the design time, sourcing materials, cutting, piecing, quilting, basting etc and make sure it is possible. If you can give me 6-8 weeks that is preferable. I add two weeks to the birth of a baby as they have a bad habit of arriving early so 10 weeks prior to the due date (unless its a small quilt less than lap quilt size then the normal time is fine). 🙂

If you are interested in purchasing a custom made quilt I am opening up the ordering time from now until mid-April. I wish to have all orders finished by the first week in May with anything ordered by the end of March finished by the end of May. No custom orders will be taken and done in the months of May and June – unless they aren’t needed until the end of August onwards.

Each order is different – there are no standard prices as it does depend on the fabrics chosen.

Roughly prices for the quilt tops, backing wadding, thread and my time are:

Cot quilts – $100 – $150

Play mats – $150 – $200

Lap quilts – $200 – $280

Single – $250 -$300

Double – $300 -$400

No Queen or King size made at this stage.


Quilting –

Cot $35

Playmat $65

Lap $85

Single $105

Double $135

Queen $165


If you supply some of the fabric this will lessen the cost – but all fabric must be washed, ironed and 100%cotton.

I know this sounds like a lot of rules to make something but believe me it makes the whole process run more smoothly. And more enjoyable for us both. 🙂

For any custom orders please ring (02) 4325 2638, email frankensteinsfabrics@hotmail.com or come and visit me in store.