That rotating door…

Today has been an interesting one.

Firstly I had an exciting little chat with Melissa from Handmade Craft Market. We are planning something for the February market. Keep your eyes peeled for more details. I would reveal it now but it would spoil the surprise – but I can assure you it is going to be fabulous and crafty of course. 🙂

We then had an unexpected visit from Doug who is a rep for XLN fabrics – and I tell you he had some beautiful fabric samples. Most won’t be available for a while as they are just new to him and XLN but when they are ready… I nearly fell off my chair I was so excited and my poor brain went into overdrive with designs and ideas. Even dad was looking at some fabrics for some upholstery jobs.

Then Hans from Nolting popped in for a visit. I’ve known Hans for a few years now – he really knows his products and is always happy to help by sharing his experience. We had a good long chat and let’s just say there are some shiny things heading Frankenstein’s way…soon. 😀

It was a bit quiet this afternoon so dad measured up the classroom cupboards so he can put all the doors on (to hide all my messy storage!) and I designed a couple of cushion/toys for Patchwork & Stitching Magazine.

Tomorrow is a new day with more stitching!