The great elastic shortage

So… first it was toilet paper and now it’s elastic.

Hat elastic, 3mm and 6mm elastic is in short supply at the moment because everyone who can sew seems to be mass making masks to deal with Covid-19.

So I am here to say this…


There are plenty of other methods to make masks. Yes, elastic is easy to use and attach but if the shortage continues on there won’t be any for you to use.

So I’ve compiled a few options below so you can use other methods if you have no more elastic, can’t get anymore and whatever other obstacles may be thrown your way.

My favourite mask pattern
Patrick Lose is one of my favourite fabric designers. His mask pattern is super easy, comes in a few sizes and you can make the tie using a strip of fabric. This style of mask means that the ties are not rubbing your ears. You also don’t need to measure fabric out – just print off the size mask and cut around it to make your template. Simples!

Options for ties
Ribbon, bias binding, cut up an old t-shirt (Jersey) and make strips: all suitable for the above style of mask.

Hair ties: however the best tip I’ve heard is to make the mask fabric reach your ear so that the hair tie isn’t ver stretched.

If you have elastic and its a wide one, consider making the bands go around your head more like a pair of goggles would sit.

If you don’t sew
If you don’t sew and don’t know anyone who can help you make your own please head to and place an order with Cleary.

There are dozens of patterns and hacks out there for masks. Find the one that suits you.

Please stay safe and well.

Happy sewing!

Marni x