So many things…

Once again I have been lax in my blogging duties. I apologise profusely.

but… I have a very, very good reason….well actually maybe not considering how much of everyone’s lives seems to be sucked into the vortex that is Pinterest.

I’ve been merrily pinning my life away – collecting ideas for my Halloween party for this year, some colour combinations for some upcoming projects, cakes for my mum to get inspiration from, things I like and love and the list goes on… It’s not a Pinterest page for the business, it is my personal one. I might start a business one later.

Things have been a little chaotic around my neck of the woods lately – we had the passing away of my great uncle, a leaking rusty hot water tank, car trouble, job drama, hospital drama… hopefully things will settle shortly but the past two months have made life very stressful. When things happen in condensed chunks like this I lose a lot of sleep as my mind keeps picking away at how things could be done differently, I pull apart every aspect of my life to see if something could have been prevented etc… I become neurotic and over-analyse everything.

But in saying that sometimes this self-analysis helps. I can see my life in segments and work out where I can change things or where I can fix something. At the moment for example there are a few people in my life who are nudging me to ‘find’ someone. I’ve been on my own for quite a while and love my single life – but it is hard to maintain that outlook when you are getting hints from friends (and family) that you need someone. It wears me down a little but I still would prefer being on my own. It’s hard too when you are at an age when everyone is getting married and having babies. There is always that niggling doubt in the back of your mind that you are missing some vital human characteristic that makes you want to do these things too and follow the traditional social norms.

Sorry to disappoint folks but I have no intention of having children. Marriage is only on the cards if there is a man out there who can accept all of this craft crazy in me. 😀

People often ask me why I don’t want children, especially since I make all these quilts for them… my answer…I’m not the mother type usually gets a comment like ‘well neither was I’, but I know that I can’t be there for someone else the way a child needs its mother. That kind of obligatory love is just not in me, I think I’m far too selfish to give up my time in that way. Part of this also stems from some health problems I had 5 or 6 years ago. I won’t go into the gory details but basically the problems I had can potentially cause me issue were I to try and have kids. And yes I know that potential doesn’t mean irrevocably but it’s just something that I am not prepared to risk, nor put a partner through. So for now I am content to live vicariously through my friend’s kids, make them quilts and then hand them back the their parents. I feel no guilt for not passing on my genetic material.


Anyways – I will get back to blogging about craft and quilt stuff next week. I’ll be in market planning mode 🙂