Rain, wood and fabric…

The past few weeks have been a little chaotic…

In the aftermath of Darling Harbour I was running around chasing orders, information, a new job (I’ll explain later), wedding stuff for my sister and a whole lot of other little bits and pieces that seem to pile up.


Firstly –

Wood: The new cross stitch kits arrived this morning. Too cute. Owls and Babushkas, flowers, circles, hearts and ovals.

$15 each – in stock now

Secondly – This week has also been PANEL week. Prices range from $13.20 – $19.80per panel



Thirdly – My new job. Over the last month some things have changed and my beading magazine has been cancelled (not because things are bad, just because the company is changing certain things and moving in other directions). So I went off to look for a part time work because I’m slightly mental and like to keep busy 😀

So what I am doing is consultancy work for a mail order company – they wanted someone to advise them on craft products – so an easy kind of job for me but not too draining on my energy or time. Bonus points for the job because I don’t have to go into their office!

Everyone has been asking if I’m okay – and yes I am. Not sad or upset but kind of glad because now I have time to start writing my book… more on that later…hehehe

Fourthly – wedding stuff. No it’s not me! It’s my little sister. She became engaged at the end of last year and has started planning some of the stuff that all weddings seem to require these days. So as I am the ‘crafty one’ I got to help out with making invitations. We have just made the bases of all the invites because not all the reception/ceremony details are set in stone yet. My next task is the decorations. Papercrafting is my third crafty love so helping out my sis is no chore. 🙂


It’s raining here in Gosford again today, a bit chilly and my hands are numb (but currently one handed typing as the other hand is wrapped around my peach tea).

I have a whole pile of custom orders waiting for me but everything’s on hold while I wrap up the last issue of beading. After that it’s full stitch ahead with the custom orders, my collection of UFO’s and the next round of magazine projects.

Don’t forget that the class list has been updated and covers us until the last day of trading this year. Book soon to reserve your place as spots are limited in each class. Check the Classes tab for the full list.

If you are interested in a night class please email me – due to limited demand I did not schedule a full complement of night classes and will be doing these as needed when people ask. Also if no-one minds I would prefer to do night classes when Daylight Savings is back on as its cold and miserable in an industrial area at night.

There are no custom quilt spots left this year. If you would like one I am now filling places for 2013. Please email me for quotes or pop in store if you are local. One custom quilt spot per month is all I can allot at this stage – I have other commitments that I am obliged to fulfil.

If you have a small quilt order (cot quilt, playmat, wall hanging) please don’t hesitate to contact me. As these are small pieces I can usually fit them in around the big stuff. When I say one custom order per month I mean single bed size quilt and upwards.

I hope this post hasn’t done your heads in… this is more information than I have written in a long time so I hope it wasn’t too much.

Back to my instructions…