What is procrasti-sewing?

Procrasti-sewing is sewing that I do when I don’t want to do what I HAVE to do. Such as my BAS. Like I was doing this week.

My poor brain had a bit of a rebellious meltdown and went ‘nah we are not doing this, go do some sewing!’

So I did, mainly because one does not argue with one’s brain. Especially when said brain is in that kind of mood.

So I’ve done some sewing – I have been (slowly) piecing a custom order. It is using a large drunkards path block and I’m am happy to admit I am not the best at curved piecing, so I am cheating (not really) and using a curved master presser foot. To see it in action click here. The colours for this quilt are lemon, lime, two-tone mid green and dark emerald green. I was laying out the pieces on the table at the shop and realised that this quilt is a couple of firsts for me – a curved design and a green quilt. I mean I’ve used green but not for the whole quilt.

I have also been making Frankie’s girlfriend Bridie.

She doesn’t look like much…












She really was a bit of a mess this morning but she is starting to look the part. I’ll finish her tomorrow after my new (shiny) toy arrives in the morning. I am SO excited. I will post pictures so you can all admire it with me.

Pin the fabric and trace 2 arms and 2 legs - and yes that is a monkey pencil....













This week has been a mad rush of deliveries – there was fabric arriving left, right and centre. All the images have been uploaded to Facebook – there are still some technical issues with the shopping cart here on WordPress so any orders are still going through FB, etsy and My apologies for the dramas!


Anyways – I am about to have dinner, bit of a rush dinner (because there’s things that need doing) of fish and chips.