Just enough time….

…to squeeze in one last post before we adjust the clocks and it’s April.

I’m off to the Caroline Bay Quilters show tomorrow. Not quite sure what to expect as I don’t normally go to things like this, but I had some customers in today that loved what they saw and I know a couple of the ladies in the group…. Kind of excited but it’s a balanced with practicality because I’m in the middle of beading. So as much as I would love a long visit it will be a short one so I can get on with some editing. 🙂

When I got home from the shop this afternoon I decided to give myself a couple of hours off… so I went to lie down and read a book… anyhow nearly 3 hours later I woke up – had a feeling that I really needed that sleep. I feel much better now.

Tomorrow starts the next batch of photo a day challenge. I think I will participate this time. So will see how I go. I will be loading them to FB (not sure if I will do the FF page or my personal page yet) but I might ‘collect’ them all here on the blog under it’s own tab.

So am off to do some work tonight to make up for my nap….