This is going to sound a tad crazy but this year Mum and I made it our personal challenge to see how long we could go without putting the heater on at home… well its the 25th today and Dad of all people (Mr I don’t feel the cold) asked for the heater to be put on.

So I’m not sure how that turned out as I left for the shop but we’ll see what’s happened when I get home this evening.

Meanwhile I have the heater on in the shop because this morning I wasn’t feeling 100% and I’m catching up on some instruction writing and sitting behind a computer typing makes for very cold feet and hands.

Over the coming weeks there is so much stuff happening that I feel a little daunted by the load but most of it can be sorted if I work to a plan, but as we all know the best plans go astray with the greatest of ease…. not sure what I can do about it really but I think it will be ok. Just pick one thing at a time and focus on that. 🙂

Our next market will be the 31st of August at the Scholastic Stadium, Duffys Road Terrigal with the Handmade Craft Market. It’s the market’s 3rd birthday so I will have some cute things for sale to celebrate. 🙂

If anyone is looking for a custom quilt order or machine quilting please see the relevant tabs at the top of the home page.

There’s only 3 days left of the sale – go to the STORE tab, start shopping and when you get to the checkout enter SS30 in the coupon box to receive your 30% off!

Oh – and just a reminder that the shop is only open this Friday from 9am – 12pm.

Stay warm, keep stitching!

Marni x