Machine Quilting

Machine quilting is provided all year round.

When you book your quilt in you are required to pay a deposit

  • $20 for stippling, basting and binding (all quilt sizes)
  • $30 for pantographs (all quilt sizes)
  • $40 for basic custom (all quilt sizes)

Quilting times will vary depending on the booking schedule and what quilting you are having done to your quilt. If you have a specific timeframe on a quilt I need to know at the time of booking, please allow shipping times in your timeframe if you are posting your quilt to me.

$4.50 per sq ft
Small to large stipple on any size quilt. Small stipple appears more closed/tight curves while a large stipple is quite open.

$5.50 per sq ft
Chose any of the pantographs from the available selection for your quilt. I have a selection of themes and generic designs.

Basic Custom
Starts at $6.50 per sq ft
Basic custom quilting examples: simple cross-hatching across blocks/borders, echoing around appliqués/embroideries, minimal ditch quilting.

Medium – Dense Custom
$7.50 to $10.50 per sq ft
Medium custom quilting is more quilting than basic and less dense than “show quilting”. Examples of this include dense cross-hatching across blocks/borders, multiple echoes around appliqués/embroideries, lots of ditch quilting, dense fillers, ruler work, free-form organic designs.

$1.50 per sq ft
Have your quilt basted for hand-quilting. Gridded basting in 4-6in spacing.

Quoted to your quilt’s size and if you would like single bind for you to hand-stitch the back or machine done by me.

If you would like your quilt trimmed as well please enquire when booking. Trimming is $5 per quilt.

Quilt Preparation –

  • All quilt tops must be pressed and all loose threads trimmed away
  • If you supply your own backing fabric it needs to be pre-washed and ironed
  • Backing and wadding must be at least 4-8in extra all the way around your quilt top
  • Please overlock or stay-stitch the edges to prevent your seams opening up

I reserve the right to refuse to work on a quilt that comes to me in a state not ready for quilting. If however you feel you are unable to prepare the quilt ready for me, I can prepare it for you for a fee of $20.

If you need wadding and backing prices will be advised at the time you enquire about your quilt being quilted, prices will be the RRP of the wadding and batting in stock and worked out according to the size of your quilt.

Unfortunately I cannot accept any quilting jobs where you supply wool wadding as I am allergic. I am happy to suggest other machine quilters if you really desire wool wadding.

I generally use Rasant threads on the machine, however will use other threads if requested (please ensure they are of good quality). Thread charges are assessed on a quilt-by-quilt basis.

Please post your quilts to:

Marni Franks
Frankenstein’s Fabrics
PO Box 399
NSW 2250

Locals to the NSW Central Coast (Gosford) – you can drop off and pick up your quilts from me at pre-arranged time from Gosford Sewing Machine Centre, 38A William Street Gosford (next to the ramp to Woolies and opposite Kibble Park).

Some of the available pantographs 


Customers work on the machine…


One thought on “Machine Quilting

  1. Hi Marni, I am wondering if I can get a quote to have a quilt machine quilted by yourself. The quilt is rather large. Measurements are 275cms x 290cm. I have the backing and the wadding. Wadding is bamboo. I actually have it all sandwiched & pinned together but have decided it is too big for me to do on my machine at home. I saw your advert in the Handmade magazine and thought I would drop you an email. I also have thread – I was going to use Superior Threads King Tut – 2 different colors and verigated. I have both spools, one for top thread and one for bottom thread. However I am not fussy about using that at all. I was only going to use that when I was doing it myself as I thought the verigated thread might hide some of my mistakes.

    I would appreciate a quote if you are interested. Cheers Therese

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