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Hi there!

My name is Marni Franks and I’d like to welcome you to my store Frankenstein’s Fabrics.

I am a 30-something quilter with a love of things dark and whimsical, a penchant for science fiction and an obsession with Snow White.

I am a published quilter, pattern designer, ex-magazine editor and all round crafty cat lady.

I am the quilter who almost never discovered quilting but dived in to learn something new and found my life’s passion. Frankenstein’s Fabrics is the dream I never knew I had and the job I always wanted. My passion for fabrics and quilting is only rivalled by my love for the little, grey, four-legged creature in my life – my cat Vladimir.

I love to help quilters of all levels – whether it be with a product, machine quilting, quilter’s block or just to discuss current fabrics and patterns – I am there, ready and waiting with over a decade’s worth of experience. I pride myself on helping point people in the right direction for their craft hobby – even when that direction isn’t towards me – because customer satisfaction is what I do.

Every product I stock is chosen and tested by me. These are products that I use in my quilting, things that I love and that make my patchworking more efficient and enjoyable. If it doesn’t pass muster, then I don’t sell it. Simple. As you are buying online and can’t touch the products yourself, this is the safeguard I have implemented to ensure satisfaction with your purchase.

Life threw my family a curve ball a couple of years ago with my dad’s illness and our lives had to become super flexible to accommodate his needs, so instead of the bricks and mortar store I had, we closed ranks as a family and we now all work from home.

This flexibility enables me to cater to my customers, opening up new avenues and options that make my job that much more fun and rewarding.

Currently on offer at FF HQ are fabrics, haberdashery and quilting accessories, quilt patterns and kits, gift vouchers, custom and pre-made quilts and my special machine quilting service.

For more information please feel free to drop me a line and I’d love to see what you are making.

Happy quilting!

Marni x


You can find me here –

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/frankiesfabrics
Instagram: https://instagram.com/frankiesfabrics/
Hand-made: https://www.hand-made.com.au/FrankensteinsFabrics
Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/FrankensteinsFabrics


6 thoughts on “About Frankie’s

  1. Love your thinking. Just found your site in vol 23 patchwork n quilting. Lord help my credit card lol.

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  3. Hi Marni, I was given your details by Dawn Lewis- we’re on a heart-centred page together and she highly recommended you as a wordmith genius:)
    I read your page above and love your style!
    I am looking for someone to help with my newest webpage (I’m a clairvoyant healer and psychic devleopment coach) my oldie is about 6 years old and very outdated- and am about to launch a new squarespace one- not sure if your services are for hire- but I was hoping to find a copywriter I could exhange clairvoyant healings or readings or my psychic development online courses or even a 90 minute consultation selling courses on Udemy if you ever wanted to go into doing a course online (Ive been a premium instructor on Udemy for 18 months and now cover all my bills and more with my passive income from them- so happy to help with creating, maintaining and how to promote your course. Anyway- if any of that interests you would love to hear from you (and Vladamir:))
    Blessings and Love
    Ps my current site is http://www.saljade.com (its still the Wix one so ignore some of the old school design features from 2011)- oh and my udemy course is https://www.udemy.com/how-to-be-psychic if you wanted to check that out too to see what Udemy does:))

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