Blue Moonbeams SOLD HM-27/10
Flower Petal cushion  P’COLL HM-27/10
Autumn Glow SOLD HM-27/11
Butterfly window-hanging SOLD HM-27/12
I’ve got the blues SOLD HM-27/12
The Chocolate Tree P’COLL HM-28/01
Set In Place P’COLL HM-28/01
All Tied Up P’COLL HM-28/01
One For Each Guest P’COLL HM-28/01
Bauble Frenzy P’COLL HM-28/01
Napkin Scrunchies P’COLL HM-28/01
Plaited Perfection P’COLL HM-28/01
Beautiful Bonbons P’COLL HM-28/01
Amber SOLD HM-28/01
Bow Jewelry SOLD HM-28/02



Little green monster  P’COLL HM-28/03
Purple Starburst Jewellery Set  SOLD HM-28/04
Christmas snowflake SOLD HM-28/05
Jingle bells jewellery set SOLD HM-28/06
Modern jewels SOLD HM-28/08
Trim the trees  P’COLL HM-28/08
Quick Christmas cards  P’COLL HM-28/08
Zoom zoom SOLD HM-28/10
Antique Loops HM-28/12
Sparkling Turquoise HM-29/1
Starry Field  $180.00 +p HM-29/03
Mr and Mrs Monster P’COLL HM-29/04
Hoo’s Looking At You?  $120.00 +p HM-29/06
Owlspicious Evening SOLD HM-29/06
Christmas Carousel HM-29/08
Eclectic Stars HM-29/08
Rainbow spools P’COLL HM-29/9
Stars and Holly HM-29/10
Bronze Diamonds HM-29/10
Patchwork choker HM-29/11
Kitten Love HM-29/12
Good Golly Lolly HM-30/01
Monkeying Around HM-30/2
Strawberry friend  P’COLL HM-30/3
Checkered loops  P’COLL HM-30/3
Penguin Play P’COLL HM-30/4
Sweet bows HM-30/6
Memories of spring HM-30/6
Cherrylicious  $500.00 +p HM-30/7
Christmas Slice  $200.00 +p HM-30/8
Starry Shadow  SOLD HM-30/8
Christmas Crystal HM-30/8
Icicle Diva HM-30/8
Holly Go Lightly HM-30/9
Mailing Letters HM-30/10
Snowflakes  P’COLL HM-30/11
Festive Cushion HM-30/11
Stampede on the Prairie HM-30/12
Butterfly Haven  DISPLAY HM-30/12
3m collection HM-30/11
Shoes, Shoes, Shoes! HM-31/1
Floral Fog HM-31/1
Time for tea HM-31/2
Purple Cage  DISPLAY HM-31/2
Golden Wings  $60.00 +p HM-31/2
Trellis  $220.00 +p HM-31/4
Le Paris HM-31/4
Winter Hedgies SOLD HM-31/5
Sitting on mushrooms P’COLL HM-31/07
Queen of Hearts HM-31/07
Misty purple hair comb HM-31/08
Safira P’COLL HM-30/09
Raindrops falling HM-30/09
Rosie HM-30/09
Peppermint path SOLD HM-31/10
Yuletide cushion HM-31/10
Crystmas jewels HM-31/10
Festive flowers HM-31/10
Ooh La La it’s Christmas HM-31/11
Candy apple HM-31/11
Tribal Turquoise HM-31/12
Tis the season to hoot  DISPLAY HM-31/12
Icicle Drops HM-32/01
Frosted magic HM-32/02
Secret Treasures  $120.00 +p HM-32/03
Kokeshi Tea Party SOLD HM-32/03
Kitty and Squeak P’COLL HM-32/4
Sweet Surprise  SOLD HM-32/4
Monster Eyes HM-32/4
Rainbow Patty  $45.00 +p HM-32/5
Magenta Melody HM-32/5
Princess Winter HM-32/6
Schneeflocke  $600.00+p HM-32/6
Summer Hearts HM-32/5
Heart Line HM-32/6
Hopscotch Love  SOLD HM-32/7
Charmed HM-32/8
Christmas Squared HM-33/1
Christmas Charm HM-33/3
Larry and Lulu Cushions  Larry – SOLD HM-33/5